How to get more followers on Instagram

5 powerful tips on how to get more followers on Instagram

Because notoriety is one of the most loved elements of your marketing on Instagram, companies present on Instagram, or on social networks in general, ask themselves again and again the same question : “How to get more followers on Instagram ? “. So quickly and neatly, I’ll walk you through the techniques to get more followers on Instagram. Here are 5 tips that will help you develop your influence on this social network, which is becoming more and more important.

Everyone starts with zero subscribers

One of the most important things to remember, while you are asking how to get more followers on Instagram, is that everyone starts from scratch. Even Kim Kardashian already had an account that nobody was following! It can be discouraging to post and think that no one sees them, but if you manage to reach the first followers, your next six months will certainly be productive.

How to get more followers on Instagram ? Engage with your audience !

Instagram is a community, so feel free to look for users who post interesting photos, follow their accounts, and interact with their content. This is the most natural way to bring attention to your own handle while finding your place in the community, and to gain inspiration. Instagram is a social networking platform for one reason : it encourages you to interact with others online.

Engaging with your audience will help you in growing followers on Instagram. To do this, you can proceed in two ways. You’ll like your audience’s posts so they’ll notice and do the same. The other way is to leave comments indicating that you are interested in the content that this person posts. However, if you are asking how to get more followers on Instagram, do not go and make a lot of comments like “Nice picture! Get a look at my shop”. Because it sounds spammy and very commercial, thus not relevant for growing followers on Instagram.

Use hashtags

When done on a daily basis, monitoring hashtags not only provides insight into trends and the competition, but it also allows you to find people who might want to know more about you and follow. These are the key to users finding your content. They are valuable and powerful research tools. It is therefore best to use at least seven hashtags in your posts. However, there are some hashtags, like #art for example, that have millions of posts in them. Avoid these very popular hashtags, as they will not really highlight your content permanently.

How to get more followers on Instagram ? Vary the type of your posts !

If you’re publishing art, for example, and asking how to get more followers on Instagram, why not show the work in progress, giving a glimpse behind the scenes. An essential tip for growing followers on Instagram would be, indeed, to alternate between the photo and the video for even more variety.

Convert into a business account

This option gives you access to insights such as the best hours for your posts. It is crucial to study these statistics to see when your followers are the most engaged and publish in these hours. Finally, remember that one approach does not suit everyone. Each account has different followers’ behavior. How to get more followers on Instagram ? The important thing to remember is to pay attention to what engages a lot of commitment and to repeat it.

With all that said, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your Instagram followers. If you are a sushi restaurant, for example, and want to see your number of followers grow significantly, go for it! This will be your chance to become “the biggest sushi restaurant on Instagram”! In fact, business leaders will think long term. They will say “Thanks to our followers, we’re the biggest sushi restaurant in all of the country”. And you, do you think long or short term?

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