We spend eight hours a day of our time in our professional space. For most people, work is synonymous with office and the tertiary sector is growing ever larger. However, office does not mean complete confinement! This is a space that you can use to work better. Try these healthcare tech products to improve your physical and mental well-being in the office for better productivity and health, while keeping effective business relationships.

1.Green plants that purify the air

The offices are closed and the windows are unfortunately not always very accessible or large enough to ventilate your workspace. Despite this inconvenience, purify the air in the room by including specific green plants. Opt for one of the following indoor plants to clean air.

2. Nibbling that reboost

After the air, think of the belly. Overwhelmed by our delays in taking meals or even their forgetfulness, our stomach, second brain, is not always in its best mood and this influences your performance. To improve your hunger management, always have at your fingertips a healthy and nutritious snack made of almonds, raisins and cramberries as well as nuts. Think also of dark chocolate (from 72%) which increases the concentration capacity. And since it’s strong, you’re unlikely to abuse it. Add to that a fruit and water, a key element to hydrate your brain and you’re done.

3. Essential oils and a diffuser to relax and improve concentration

There are many forms of diffusers, including, in recent years, small versions, which are perfect for the office! To relax, improve your concentration, purify the air or cure a nasty cold, essential oils are your allies. Two to three drops of peppermint oil in your diffuser are enough to reboost you and regain energy! The essential oils of incense or lemon can help you refocus. For tranquility in times of stress, prefer to use Vetiver oil, soothing and conducive to reduce anxiety.

4. Cozy in the office

To give you strength in stressful situations, before a difficult appointment or with a complicated file, display images of landscapes in a corner of your office, to give you motivation and a feeling of well-being. Do not hesitate as well to use a cup to your taste!

5. Healthcare tech products that support your back and wrists

When you spend a lot of time sitting, your back and shoulders take a hit. This is also true for wrists and eyes if you work on a computer. To protect yourself, and because we know that seated workers have a shorter life expectancy than those who work standing up, you should then take your precautions! Invest in a healthcare tech product that will ensure you a good posture and a certain support. Opt for an ergonomic mouse to avoid tiring movements on the wrist, and feel free to adjust the brightness of your screen so that it is as comfortable as possible.

6. Post-it and storage for better organization

Even at a digital time, post-it notes are practical! Organize your space with annotations, especially on folders that often mix or misplace without these small fluorescent notes. Reuse shoe boxes, painted or decorated with fabric or paper to file your documents.

7. Healthy drinks that boost

Last tip, drinks! Hydrating your brain is important, and why not add flavor to well-being? A few rounds of ginger and a lemon in hot water and go! You can also sweeten it with honey. Perfect for warming up and getting motivation, after a meal or on arrival at work to start the day.

The office can become as nice as at home, or almost. It’s up to you to adapt to the space you have and the rules of the business to include some or all of these healthcare tech products. Our happiness, relationships and career success are 80% dependent on the quality of our psychology. Health and money depend largely on constructive or destructive thoughts. The good news is that we have control over all these areas!


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